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New chemistry delivers step change in early blight control

New chemistry delivers step change in early blight control

MIRAVIS® is a new broad spectrum SDHI fungicide from Syngenta containing ADEPIDYN®. The introduction of MIRAVIS delivers a step change in early blight control for potato growers.

Features and benefits of MIRAVIS

  • First SDHI fungicide approved for early blight control in New Zealand
  • High potency and superior intrinsic activity
  • Balanced distribution in the plant
  • Superior rainfastness
  • Consistent and durable disease control
  • Extended green leaf area
  • Higher marketable yields

MIRAVIS contains ADEPIDYN, which is the first carboximide belonging to a new chemical group: N-methoxy-(phenyl-ethyl)-pyrazole-carboxamide, within the FRAC Group 7 fungicides having an SDHI mode of action. It's also the first SDHI fungicide to be approved for use in New Zealand on potatoes.

Due to the unique properties of ADEPIDYN, MIRAVIS has superior intrinsic activity against early blight, with exceptional rainfastness thanks to its strong lipophilic (wax binding) properties.

Once applied, MIRAVIS quickly forms a reservoir in the leaf wax, protected from wash-off by rainfall or irrigation. It is gradually taken up by the plant, providing long lasting disease control and extended green leaf area.

When used for early blight control in potatoes, MIRAVIS can be applied alone or in mixture, with mixtures recommended for resistance management. If used alone, it must be applied in alternation with fungicides from a different activity group. If applied in mixture, no more than two should be applied in a row.

A maximum of three applications of MIRAVIS can be made per crop per season, and it has a withholding period of 14 days in potatoes.

Click here to download the Technote on MIRAVIS in potatoes, including application rates and trial results.