Syngenta Nozzles

Syngenta Nozzles

Even with the best crop protection products on hand, thousands of trials and demonstrations have shown that there are factors other than product choice that can affect how you can achieve good disease, weed and insect control. 

Syngenta has a proud history of researching, evaluating and educating on these other factors to help growers get the most from their investment in crop protection products.

Syngenta Nozzle Range

A comprehensive range of spray nozzles have been developed by Syngenta in conjunction with Hypro in the UK.  Each nozzle has been designed specifically to improve the performance of Syngenta products in various crops at different growth stages, usually at reduced water volumes. 

The Syngenta nozzle range includes angled flat fan nozzles that can double the spray retained on grass weeds, air induction nozzles to reduce spray drift by up to 75 %, and specialized vegetable nozzles to force spray into dense crops.

The Syngenta nozzle range includes:

  • AMISTAR® AI (Air Induction) nozzles
  • DEFY 3D nozzles
  • Vegetable nozzles

For more details on the Syngenta Nozzle Range and Application Guidelines click here.

For more details on Syngenta DEFY 3D Nozzles click here

Syngenta nozzles can be purchased from selected Syngenta product resellers or from Molloy Agriculture Limited, Methven (Phone: 03 302 8098 or visit: 

FREE Syngenta Nozzle Offer

When you purchase specified Syngenta crop protection products you may qualify for FREE Syngenta nozzles.  

Click here to download the 'FREE Syngenta Nozzle Claim Form'.

For more information contact your local Syngenta territory manager or contact Syngenta phone: 09 306 1500.