Longer use period approved for TIMOREX GOLD


On 20th October 2023, a label extension for TIMOREX GOLD® fungicide was approved by the ACVM.

For Kiwifruit growers this means TIMOREX GOLD® applications are now permitted for Sclerotinia control up to 28 days post petal fall if conditions favour disease.

This extended use pattern allows growers to manage post petal fall Sclerotinia infections, when developing fruitlets are still vulnerable to infection. Fruit scarring caused by these infections render the fruit unsalable.

Paul Hassan, Technical Services Lead at Syngenta adds “Sclerotinia risk can extend into the weeks following petal fall if wet weather conditions prevail. So, growers now have a new, reliable tool to manage the disease threat in the four weeks following petal fall to help optimise their yield.”

The pre harvest interval has also been reduced from 100 to 30 days, allowing growers to apply it over the extended use pattern. 

Now permitted for use up to 28 days post petal fall.

Manhattan Orchards used TIMOREX® Gold for the first-time last season, click here to find out how they utilised the product to minimise Sclerotinia in their orchards.

For more information on TIMOREX GOLD® please review the Technote here or contact your local Syngenta Territory Sales Manager here.