A powerful partner for a quality harvest

Press Release

REGLONE® is a non-selective, contact herbicide used as a desiccant or ‘harvest aid’ to allow easier harvesting of crops such as cereals, peas, clover and potatoes.

REGLONE® contains 200 g/litre of diquat, which is rapidly absorbed and very quickly desiccates all green plant tissue it contacts. It is particularly effective against broadleaf weeds and becomes inactivated on contact with the soil.

Speeding up natural plant senescence, REGLONE® allow crops to be harvested more quickly, easily and earlier than non-desiccated crops, while retaining both crop yield and quality.

When REGLONE® is applied to cereals, clover and pea crops it desiccates any actively growing weeds and crop including regrowth and later maturing foliage. This action helps the combine harvester perform at its optimum, threshing the grain or seed from other undesirable plant material. 

In potatoes, REGLONE® is applied to desiccate haulms once tubers have reached a desirable size. As well as controlling tuber size, this aids tuber skin set and helps to maintain crop quality during storage. Lastly, it will kill any weeds that germinate late in the season to make the harvest more efficient.


  • Fast acting - rainfast in 30 minutes.

  • An effective and reliable desiccant.

  • Helps reduce moisture levels of grain or seed.


  • Easy to use with proven efficacy.

  • Puts you (and not the weather) in charge of crop harvest timing.

  • Maximises yield through more consistent crop maturity.

Good spray coverage is essential for optimum results. Use of Syngenta AMISTAR® AI nozzles (for cereals, peas and clover) or DEFY 3D nozzles (for potatoes, peas and clover), are recommended at reduced speed and pressure to deliver medium or coarse droplets with less risk of spray drift. Multiple applications may be necessary on dense crops.

For more information, contact your local Syngenta representative.