Disease control hits new level with MIRAVIS Prime


Jeff Sinnott is well-known in the New Zealand wine industry, having worked in education, training, research, commercial viticulture and winemaking in key growing regions in NZ since entering the industry in 1985.

Last season Jeff used MIRAVIS® Prime for the first time in the Constellation vineyards he managed at the time.

Jeff was very pleased with the level of Powdery mildew control in these vineyards, describing the incidence levels as “virtually zero” with MIRAVIS® Prime.

“We used MIRAVIS® Prime for the first time and compared to what we had been achieving, the control of Powdery mildew was a definite improvement.”

Jeff says MIRAVIS® Prime helped with their strategy to target Botrytis particularly in blocks where there have been issues in the past.

“Again, the outcome was very pleasing with lower levels of Botrytis where MIRAVIS® Prime was applied versus our standard programmes. It is certainly setting a new standard of disease control because it controls both Botrytis and Powdery mildew very well. Overall, where it was used it delivered very good outcomes in controlling both key diseases.”

Jeff is very aware of the many years of development it takes to bring new products to market. “It’s important that growers maintain the longevity and effectiveness of registered products. With MIRAVIS® Prime having two active ingredients to control Botrytis, it’s a valuable feature offering built-in resistance management and helps ensure the actives are still effective in years to come.”

Jeff also notes that last season they didn’t come close to approaching the nil residue threshold of 0.01 mg/kg. “Where MIRAVIS® Prime was applied up to at 80% cap-fall and no later than 90 days before harvest, residue issues were avoided.”

For more information on MIRAVIS® Prime download the technote or contact your local Syngenta Territory Sales Manager here.

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Jeff Sinnott (right) former National Technical Viticulturist - Constellation Brands NZ, and Mike Treloar (left) Fruitfed Technical Horticulture Rep