Product Stewardship

Syngenta stewardship

Protecting the environment and human health is as important as controlling agricultural pests and weeds. Product stewardship programs help to train farmers and applicators in the safe and responsible use of crop protection solutions.

Syngenta is a global leader in product stewardship and we are committed to supporting New Zealand growers and applicators to ensure the safe and optimal use, and disposal, of our products.

In New Zealand, we have a number of initiatives, partnerships and resources in place to equip growers and applicators with a deep understanding of how to get the best performance out of our products while minimising potential risks.

Product Technotes

Our Product Technotes provide easy-to-understand guidance on the safe handling and use of our products, helping growers and applicators get the most out of their crop protection investment while minimising potential risks. 

Our Product Technotes are available on the respective 'Products' page.

Syngenta "Product Plus"

To help growers get the best results from Syngenta products, Syngenta has developed "Product Plus" which brings together Syngenta research and understanding of chemistry and application technology to help growers; improve product performance, cut application costs, increase productivity, increase yield and farm productivity, and reduce the risk of spray drift.

Product Plus initiatives include:

  • A range of Syngenta nozzles to improve spray coverage and reduce spray drift
  • 5 day weather forecasting service for spraying
  • Water sensitive papers for measuring spray coverage
  • Dye nights and spray application training
  • Syngenta RISQ Test (Resistance In Season Quick) for testing wild oat and grass weed resistance to certain herbicides.
  • Boom height guides

Agrecovery Rural Recycling Programme

We are a strong supporter of Agrecovery, New Zealand’s national program for the collection and recycling of cleaned eligible crop protection drums. All of Syngenta’s eligible containers display the Agrecovery logo, meaning that, once triple rinsed, growers can deliver them for recycling at Agrecovery locations across the country.