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Turf & Landscape

Syngenta Turf & Landscape has a dedicated website for New Zealand and Australia Turf & Landscape Managers - CLICK HERE TO SEE MORE 

Syngenta have a well-established, comprehensive product portfolio that covers all turf markets from golf courses and bowling greens to council parks and sports fields. The breadth of coverage and proven performance of all products make Syngenta the preferred partner for protecting valuable turf – regardless of species, season or situation.

Our full range is available from Living Turf NZ or PGG Wrightson Turf.

Acelepryn logo

Acelepryn Fact Sheet

Outstanding insect control with reduced environmental impact

Barricade logo

Barricade Fact Sheet

Pre-emergent weed control for turf grass and garden beds

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Headway Maxx Fact Sheet

Fast stopping power combined with long lasting control

Instrata Logo (550x403px)

Instrata Fact Sheet

The versatile all-rounder for all seasons

Velista Fungicide Logo

Velista Fact Sheet

Turf innovation that's out of this world. Powerful, broad spectrum fungicide.

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Tenacity Fact Sheet

Unprecedented freedom to manage weeds