Syngenta Nozzle programme beneficial to growers

Press Release

Every year Syngenta gives away up to 10,000 spray nozzles free to growers and contractors. While this might sound like a selfless gesture, in reality, it’s just good business practice. 

Syngenta Customer Marketing Lead Raeleen Watherston, says the company has worked with a quality nozzle supplier to develop a range of nozzles that improve coverage with less spray drift.

By supplying a set of 50 nozzles free to customers who purchase $10,000 worth of Syngenta products (herbicides, fungicides and insecticides), its helps ensure products are used as effectively as possible.

“It is a win-win for growers and for us because it means they will get better results with Syngenta products and will hopefully keep using them.

“As far as I know, we are the only company in New Zealand with such an offer to growers. It is a good deal for growers who can receive over $1700 worth of nozzles free each year.”

Raeleen says the offer also gives the local Syngenta sales representative an opportunity to talk with individual growers and/or contractors to ensure they get the best nozzle type and size to suit their farming or contracting operation.

The two main nozzles Syngenta provides under this scheme are the AMISTAR® AI (air induction) nozzle and the angled DEFY 3D flat fan nozzle.

Raeleen says the AMISTAR® AI nozzles produce more droplets per litre than any other air induction nozzle on the market and can reduce spray drift by up to 75%. The AMISTAR® AI nozzles are ideal for fungicides and insecticides in cereals after growth stage 31 (stem extension).

“Many fungal diseases start at the bottom of the plants and move upwards. With the AMISTAR® AI, you will be applying the product to both the top and bottom leaves which is a big advantage” Raeleen says.

DEFY 3D nozzles are fitted to the boom, alternating frontwards and backwards, to provide improved coverage in a range of conditions. They give excellent coverage when applying pre-emergent herbicides to bare ground because the 38° angle gives them the ability to deliver the chemical to all sides of soil clods.

“They give superior coverage in crops with complex leaf canopies, so they are perfect for applying fungicides and insecticides in potato crops. They are also good for desiccation because they can deliver chemical to both the leaves and stems of plants.”

Syngenta has run application workshops with growers to demonstrate the application benefits of its nozzles. “The spray application workshops we have run over the years demonstrate how different nozzles and water rates can impact spray coverage and reduce spray drift.”

Spray booms are set up with AMISTAR® AI, DEFY 3D and standard flat fan nozzles and are run using water plus a fluorescent dye to show coverage.

Both types of nozzles are designed to improve coverage and reduce spray drift, and both are made from SuperPoly, which has a similar wear pattern to ceramic. They fit standard bayonet caps, but Hardi sprayers require bayonet adapters.

For more information on the Syngenta nozzle range and application click here or you can contact local Syngenta sales representative.

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