New Defy 3D nozzles improve coverage and reduce drift

Defy 3D Nozzles

New Defy 3D nozzles improve coverage and reduce spray drift

The new 3D Defy nozzle from Syngenta is an advanced new spray nozzle designed to reduce spray drift by up to 75 percent, while improving the coverage of pre-emergence and early post-emergence sprays in cereals.

The Defy 3D is an angled nozzle (38 degrees), designed to run alternating forwards and backwards along the boom to give an even coverage on the front and back of targets, including soil clods and small grass weeds. In the UK, trials have shown Defy nozzles can give a 6 percent improvement in grass weed control compared to vertical flat fan nozzles.

A recent spray application dye-night conducted by Syngenta in Pukekohe on cabbages and cauliflower demonstrated the benefits of the Defy 3D nozzle compared to conventional flat fan nozzles, with the Defy 3D nozzle giving superior coverage at 200 L/ha water rate compared to flat fans at 300 L/ha of water. 

Having a 100 degree fan angle, the optimum boom height for the Defy 3D nozzle is between 50 cm and 75 cm above the target. It is recommended to run them at 2-3 bar pressure at speeds of 12 to 14 km/h in cereals, and 10 km/h in vegetables.

The optimum water rate for Defy 3D nozzles will depend on crop density and growth stage, with water rates of 100-150 l/ha suitable for pre-em and early post-em sprays in cereals, while 200-300 L/ha of water is required for vegetable crops such as potatoes and brassicas.

Defy 3D nozzles are also ideal for desiccating crops such as potatoes and clover, at water rates of 300 - 350 L/ha of water. The 38 degree spray angle improves the spray penetration and coverage in these crops with complex leaf canopies, reaching both stems and leaves for superior results.

Facing the Defy 3D nozzles forwards and backwards along the boom allows operators to reduce water rates, with better spray coverage than vertical flat fan nozzles used at higher water rates. 

Defy 3D nozzles come in sizes; 03, 035, 04, 05 and 06. They are available FREE from Syngenta when you purchase Syngenta crop protection products, or can be purchased from Syngenta product resellers for $12.95 plus GST each.

To qualify for FREE Syngenta nozzles growers need to purchase $5,000 (Excl GST) worth of Syngenta products in a season for 25 nozzles; $10,000 (Excl GST) for 50 nozzles, with up to 100 nozzles FREE with a spend of $20,000 (Excl GST). 

For more information click here to download the Defy 3D nozzle Technote.