Enhanced herbicide formulation makes application easier


TWINAX® Xtra is an enhanced formulation of TWINAX®, with a built-in adjuvant package designed for optimum uptake, improved activity and ease of use.

Launched in 2020, it has several advantages over its predecessor, explains Syngenta Technical Services Lead Paul Hassan.  These include:

  • Faster brown-out of susceptible grass weeds, reducing crop competition and protecting yield.
  • Better efficacy, particularly under sub-optimal conditions.
  • Improved tank-mix compatibility.

Paul adds, “Most importantly, the formulation is more convenient to use, with no need for an additional adjuvant in the spray tank.  It is also rainfast 1 hour after it is applied".

 TWINAX® Xtra contains 50 g per litre pinoxaden (compared to standard TWINAX®containing 100 g per litre), combined with 12.5 g per litre cloquintocet-methyl (crop safener).  Growers need to be aware of the need to double the use rate they used for the old TWINAX®formulation.

Registered for control of wild oats, annual ryegrass and phalaris species in wheat and barley, it is best applied between the 3rd leaf and prior to the first node of these grass weeds (GS 13-30).

TWINAX® Xtra should always be applied to actively growing grass weeds. If weeds are dormant or stressed by winter conditions, frost, drought or waterlogging, delay application until the weeds and crop are actively growing again.

Paul recommends, "Growers need to pay particular attention to application timing and technique to ensure they get the best result.  TWINAX® Xtra needs to be used as part of an integrated programme that includes having a diverse crop rotation to ensure the risk of resistance leading to loss of field control is minimised".

TWINAX® Xtra is a Group 1 mode of action herbicide. To minimise the risk of resistance and protect the longevity of the active ingredient we make the following recommendations:

  • Do not make more than one application of TWINAX® Xtra (or any other Group 1 herbicide) to the same crop in the same season.
  • Rotate crops and alternate chemistry with a different (non-Group 1) mode of action.
  • Treat grass weeds when small (GS 13-30) and use label rates.
  • Always apply to healthy, actively growing grass weeds

Apply TWINAX® Xtra at a rate of 500 ml per hectare for wild oats, and 600 ml per hectare for annual ryegrass and Phalaris.

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