TWINAX® Xtra herbicide with built-in adjuvant

TWINAX XTRA crop safety and compatibility trial - Mid-Canterbury
TWINAX XTRA crop safety and compatibility trial - Mid-Canterbury

TWINAX® Xtra herbicide is an improved formulation of TWINAX® with a built-in adjuvant package designed for optimum uptake and improved activity on key grass weeds, including wild oats.

Key benefits

  • Faster brown-out of susceptible grass weeds, reducing crop competition and protecting yield.

  • Better efficacy, particularly under sub-optimal conditions compared to other Group A herbicides.

  • Improved tank mix compatibility.

  • More convenient to use, with no need for an additional adjuvant.

  • Rainfast in just 30 minutes.

TWINAX® Xtra herbicide contains 50 g/litre Pinoxaden (compared to standard TWINAX® containing 100 g/litre) combined with 12.5 g/litre cloquintocet-methyl (crop safener).

TWINAX® Xtra herbicide is approved for the control of wild oats, annual ryegrass and phalaris in wheat and barley.

The use rate for the control Wild Oats is 500 mL/ha; and for Annual Ryegrass and Phalaris control the rate is 600 mL/ha.

TWINAX® Xtra herbicide also controls some perennial ryegrasses established from seed in the first season, but not perennial ryegrass re-growth from root chips.

It does not control: Annual Poa (Poa annua), Brome grasses (Bromus spp.), Vulpia hair grasses (Vulpia spp.) or Couch (Elytriga repens).

Syngenta DEFY® 3D nozzles are recommended for applying TWINAX® Xtra herbicide. These uniquely angled nozzles can double coverage on small grass weeds compared to standard vertical flat-fan nozzles.

Best results will be achieved when TWINAX® Xtra herbicide is applied to small grass weeds between the three leaf and prior to first node weed growth stages (GS 13-30).

Always apply TWINAX® Xtra to actively growing grass weeds. If weeds are under stress from frost, drought or waterlogging, delay application until the weeds and crop are actively growing.

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