New fungicide offers direct route to higher wheat yields


A step change SDHI fungicide

Wheat growers have an exciting new fungicide option this season, with the launch of Elatus™ Plus offering a ‘step change’ in disease control and yield potential.

Elatus Plus is a solo SDHI fungicide containing the active ingredient Solatenol for the control of leaf rust, stripe rust, speckled leaf blotch (Septoria tritici) and glume blotch (Septoria nodorum) in wheat. 

Trials results support yield benefits

In over 25 replicated trials in New Zealand over the past six seasons, Elatus Plus has consistently performed better than comparison fungicides, giving longer lasting green leaf area and superior control of rust and Septoria.

In the FAR trial conducted in the 2016/17 season in Leeston, Elatus Plus mixed with a ¾ rate of either Opus or Proline gave superior disease control to Adexar® or Aviator Xpro® with similar yields.  In the same trial, Elatus Plus mixed with a full rate of Proline out yielded Adexar® + Opus 0.15 and Aviator Xpro® + Proline 0.03  by 0.9t/ha and 0.8 t/ha respectively, with an impressive yield of 16.9 t/ha.

Longer lasting green leaf area

The link between green leaf area (GLA) and yield is well recognised.  By extending the duration of GLA from the point of flag leaf emergence an additional yield of 150 kg/ha/day can be achieved. Elatus Plus treated crops can retain over 80% GLA for 10 weeks after application to the flag leaf, which explains where the extra yield is coming from. 

The confidence Syngenta has in the performance of Elatus Plus is backed by extensive local and global research over the past 11 years.  This includes biokinetic studies and microscopy work by Syngenta scientists to understand how Septoria and rust can impact yield by causing damage inside the plant before signs of damage can be seen on the leaf surface. 

This work has reinforced the benefit of using Elatus Plus in a preventative fungicide programme at T1 and T2 (flag leaf) to get on top of Septoria and rust before the damage is done. 

Rates and withholding periods

Elatus Plus is available in 10 litre packs with a use rate of 750 ml/ha (plus a DMI). It is approved for use in wheat with a withholding period of 42 days for grain, and 28 days for silage.

Click here to download the Elatus Plus brochure and trial results summary (with margin over chemical costs).