Syngenta nozzles increase productivity and reduce drift

Syngenta Nozzles

Grant Maw's self-propelled sprayer is fitted with Syngenta Amistar AI, Defy 3D and Potato nozzles

Grant Maw farms about 500 hectares at Creeside Farm in Barrhill near Methven. He grows a wide range of crops including; wheat, barley, white clover, process peas, seed potatoes, brassica seeds, linseed, and some pasture.

He does all his own spraying with a newly purchased John Deere self-propelled sprayer with a 4,000 litre tank capacity.  The 24 metre boom is fitted with a range of Syngenta designed nozzles.

Grant was introduced to Syngenta nozzles when he attended an application workshop in Canterbury a few years ago, run by Syngenta UK application specialist Tom Robinson. He now uses a range of Syngenta nozzles including; Amistar air induction, Defy 3D and Potato nozzles.

“I really like the Amistar air induction nozzles. I’ve been able to reduce my water rates from 180-200 litres down to 100-150 litres per hectare, which means I can cover more ground in a day. I can also get on with the Amistar nozzles when there’s a reasonable amount of wind, because they really do cut down on spray drift,” says Grant.

“I spray most of my cereal fungicides using 025 or 04 Amistar nozzles.  I can change pressure to alter my water rates when I need to without having to worry about spray drift at high pressure, or losing the spray pattern at low pressure.”

“I think the new Defy 3D nozzles are really good.  I have fitted them alternating forwards and backwards along the boom and they give excellent coverage on soil clods. I use the 04 Defy 3D nozzles with 150 to 200 litres of water for all my pre-emergent sprays, and they do a great job with less drift.”

“The Defy 3D and Amistar nozzles cover all bases. I certainly wouldn’t go back to using standard flat fan nozzles.” 

Grant currently uses the Syngenta 04 or 05 Potato nozzles for desiccating seed potatoes and clover, and for applying fungicides to potatoes using between 250 to 300 litres of water per hectare. He will be looking to change the Potato nozzles over to the new Defy 3D nozzles when they are due for replacement, as these produce less drift and are available in a wider range of sizes; 03, 035, 04, 05 and 06.

Grant purchases enough Syngenta product (including Amistar®, Seguris Flexi® and Moddus® Evo) to qualify for 100 Syngenta nozzles free of charge each year, worth $1,295 (plus GST).

The nozzles can also be purchased from selected Syngenta resellers for $12.95 (plus GST) each.

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