Introducing an Evolution in Moddus

Lodging in Barley

Syngenta introduced Moddus plant growth regulator to the market 16 years ago, and it revolutionised the production of grass seed in New Zealand.  Moddus was shown to increase grass seed yields by over 50 percent, and it was rapidly adopted by growers of ryegrass and tall fescue seed crops.

Now Syngenta has developed Moddus Evo, an evolution in the formulation of Moddus, containing 250 g/litre of trinexapac-ethyl in a new Dispersible Concentrate (DC) formulation. 

Moddus Evo offers environmental and agronomic benefits compared to the existing emulsifiable concentrate (EC) formulation Moddus.

Syngenta chemists have replaced the solvents in Moddus EC with an enhanced built-in adjuvant system, designed to improve the coverage and uptake of trinexapac-ethyl into the leaf.

In ryegrass, yield response from Moddus Evo is at least as good as Moddus EC, with a trend of better performance at label rates (400-800 mL/ha).

The timing and rate of trinexapac-ethyl applied on ryegrass has a significant impact on yield, as shown by trials generated by FAR and Syngenta over many seasons. Moddus Evo is applied at the same use rates as the current Moddus formulation, with both containing 250 g/litre of trinexapac-ethyl.

In cereals, there has been a trend of slightly less lodging in Moddus Evo treated wheat and barley, when compared to Moddus EC.

Moddus Evo shows improved leaf retention once dried on the leaf surface, reducing the risk of wash-off from rainfall (or irrigation) after application.  It also mixes better in cold water and generates less foam in the spray tank compared to generic trinexapac-ethyl formulations tested in New Zealand.

Moddus Evo has no issues with crop safety, although minor leaf scorch can be seed in some ryegrass seed crops when applied in mixture with prothioconazole.  However, this has shown to have no negative impact on yield.

Moddus Evo will be available in 5L and 20L pack sizes this season, and will replace the current Moddus EC formulation in New Zealand.

For more information click here to download the MODDUS Evo Technote.