Actigard spring update for Psa-V control


Actigard Update - Spring 2016

Spring growth is particularly susceptible to Psa-V infection and is difficult to protect with copper alone due to rapid leaf expansion over this period. 

With tighter restrictions on the use of bactericides (streptomycin and kasugamycin) this season, the need for Actigard (plus copper) is likely to increase this spring. 

New trial data supports the use of up to 3 applications of Actigard in the spring, applied between the 25mm leaf diameter and pre-flower growth stages.

New trial data supports crop safety of Actigard

Syngenta contracted 3 independent replicated trials (1 on Hayward and 2 on Gold3) in spring 2015, to evaluate if there was a relationship between Actigard timing and number of applications on canopy growth, yield and fruit quality. 

Actigard was applied at 200g/ha (with and without copper) 1 - 3 times between the 25mm leaf diameter and pre-flower growth stages. 

The results showed the number and timing of Actigard applications in the spring did not have a significant effect on lateral length, leaf diameter, fruit weight or dry matter, either when applied alone or in mixture with Nordox®. 

Click here to see the crop safety trial results, and the latest Actigard use recommendations for spring 2016.