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Plant Activator

Authorisation Number: 
ACVM: P8487 | HSNO: HSR100588
Pack size: 
1 kg
Water Dispersible Granule

ACTIGARD is a plant activator that stimulates systemic acquired resistance, reducing the symptoms of Psa (Pseudomonas syringae pv. actinidiae) in Kiwifruit.


Re-entry Period

  • DO NOT enter treated area within 12 hours without protective clothing until spray has dried.

Hazard Statements

  • 6.5B
  • 6.9B
  • 9.1B

Personal Protective Equipment

  • When mixing, loading or applying wear full protective clothing, including faceshield, waterproof gloves and footwear.

Tank mixing

Add the required amount of ACTIGARD to the partly filled spray tank, then add the remainder of the water while thoroughly agitating. Continue agitation while spraying.

Water volume

Apply in sufficient water to ensure thorough and uniform coverage.


2 hours