A natural choice for sclerotinia control in kiwifruit.

Kiwifruit at flowering growth stage
Timorex Gold can be applied twice over the flowering to petal fall period when conditions favour disease

A natural choice for sclerotinia control

TIMOREX GOLD® is a natural plant-based biofungicide containing 222.5 g/litre of tea tree oil (extract of the Melaleuca alternifolia plant)

The introduction of TIMOREX GOLD offers growers a natural alternative to iprodione (e.g. Rovral*) which is no longer listed in the Zespri Crop Protection Standard as an option for sclerotinia control.

TIMOREX GOLD is BioGro certified for use in organic production (BioGro Number: 5962).

Features and Benefits of TIMOREX GOLD

  • A natural product (containing tea tree oil) with no chemical residues at harvest.
  • Unique mode of action (FRAC Group 46 fungicide) with broad spectrum activity.
  • Multi-site activity for resistance management.
  • Suitable for conventional and organic production.
  • Harmless to beneficial insects and bees.
  • Favourable environmental and worker safety profile.
  • Excellent crop safety and tank mix compatibility.
  • Stable formulation with good shelf life.

Mode of action

The tea tree oil in TIMOREX GOLD contains over 100 compounds, with unique and multiple modes of action on various stages of the fungal life cycle.

As a contact fungicide, TIMOREX GOLD disrupts the cell wall and membrane of fungi, causing the death of fungal cells. It also has some impact on mycelium development and suppression of existing colonies and sporulation.


TIMOREX GOLD should be applied preventatively, prior to, or at the early stages of infection.  It should not be used as a curative treatment.

An application of Luna® Privilege is recommended pre-flowering, followed by up to two applications of TIMOREX GOLD over the flowering to petal fall period when conditions favour disease.

Although TIMOREX GOLD is not harmful to bees, best practice bee safety guidelines should always be followed.

Best New Biopesticide

TIMOREX GOLD was the winner of Best New Biopesticide in the international AGROW Awards in 2013, which recognises excellence in crop protection.

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