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Cruiser 600

Seed Treatment

Authorisation Number: 
ACVM: 5372 | HSNO: HSR000408
Pack size: 
10 litres
Activity Group: 
Group 4A Insecticide
Suspension Concentrate

CRUISER is a seed treatment insecticide for the control of Argentine Stem Weevil larvae in Maize and Sweetcorn and Springtails and Aphids in forage Brassicas.

Forage Brassicas

Hybrid Maize


Re-entry Period

  • Not applicable

Hazard Statements

  • 6.1E
  • 6.9B
  • 9.1B
  • 9.3C
  • 9.4A
Personal Protective Equipment
  • When mixing or applying, wear protective clothing including overalls, waterproof gloves and footwear.

Tank mixing

1. The seed should be clean before treatment. 2. CRUISER 600 FS can be applied to seed previously treated with a fungicide or in mixture with most commonly used seed treatment fungicides. 3. As CRUISER 600 FS does NOT contain a dye, the addition of a dye or coloured polymer is necessary. 4. Thoroughly agitate container before use. 5. For solo applications, add the required amount of CRUISER 600 FS into the mixing tank. 6. The seed treater should be calibrated with CRUISER 600 FS before use as flow characteristics may NOT be similar to other seed treatments. Water may be added to ensure coverage. Maintain agitation to avoid settling out and agitate well before application. 7. Under normal conditions it is NOT necessary to use a dryer. However, if a dryer is used, the temperature must NOT exceed 35°C at the surface of the seed. 8. Allow the treated seed to dry and use treated seed within the calendar year of treatment.

Water volume

Apply in sufficient water to ensure thorough and uniform coverage.


Not applicable