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Authorisation Number: 
ACVM: P8198 | HSNO: HSR100398
Pack size: 
1 litre, 5 litres
Activity Group: 
Group 3 Insecticide
Group 28 Insecticide
Suspension Concentrate, Capsule Suspension

Forage Brassicas

Re-entry Period

  • DO NOT enter treated area without protective clothing until spray has dried.

Hazard Statements

  • 6.1D, 6.9B
  • 9.1A
  • 9.3C
  • 9.4A
Personal Protective Equipment
  • When mixing or applying wear protective clothing including overalls, waterproof gloves and footwear.

Tank mixing

Pour the measured quantity of AMPLIGO into a partly filled tank and agitate the spray mixture while adding the remaining water. Maintain agitation during spraying.

Water volume

Apply in sufficient water to ensure thorough and uniform coverage.


2 hours