BOXER GOLD - New chemistry for weed control in potatoes

Boxer Gold

A step change in crop safety and performance in potatoes

Potato growers have long awaited the introduction of new chemistry for effective grass and broadleaf weed control, with good crop safety.

The introduction of BOXER GOLD® offers a step change in crop safety and performance over existing herbicide options in potatoes.

BOXER GOLD® is a soil applied, pre-emergent herbicide containing 800 g/litre prosulfocarb plus 120 g/litre S-metolachlor in the form of an emulsifiable concentrate.

The combination of these two herbicides (with Group N and Group K3 modes of action) offers broad-spectrum weed control with built-in resistance management.

BOXER GOLD® contains the first Group N mode of action herbicide for potatoes in New Zealand.

The product controls a wide range of grass and broadleaf weeds, including annual ryegrass and nightshade, which are difficult to control safely and effectively with existing herbicides.

BOXER GOLD® can be applied up to 25% potato shoot emergence and is safe to apply across all varieties and soil types.

If weeds are present at the time of application, the addition of an approved contact herbicide (such as PREEGLONE®) is recommended.

BOXER GOLD® should be applied to a moist smooth seedbed, free of soil clods and emerged weeds.

Like other pre-emergent herbicides, duration and effectiveness of weed control will depend on use rate, soil type, and rainfall after application.

BOXER GOLD® requires sufficient soil moisture to ensure soil movement and uptake by emerging weeds. For best results, 5 mm of rainfall (or irrigation) should occur within 7 days of application.

Other commonly used herbicides can be added to BOXER GOLD® at recommended label rates and timings for the control of additional weeds if required.

Key benefits of BOXER GOLD® in potatoes

  • New ‘dual’ mode of action for resistance management.
  • Broad spectrum pre-emergent grass and broadleaf weed control.
  • Flexible application timing – up to 25% crop emergence.
  • High level of crop safety across all potato varieties and soil types.
  • Excellent compatibility with other herbicides if required.

BOXER GOLD® comes in a 20 litre drum (enough for 4 hectares at the 5 L/ha use rate) and a limited quantity will be available in time for use this season.

Click here to access the BOXER GOLD® product label, SDS and Technote.