Importance of weed control in Lucerne

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Importance of weed control in Lucerne

Grass and broadleaf weeds are a serious threat to the quality and viability of a lucerne stand. Weeds can reduce the nutritional value of the crop and cause significant reduction in yield as they compete aggressively for water, nutrients, sunlight, and space.

The grazing or cutting of lucerne encourages weed growth, and failing to control these weeds will result in poor crop performance and shorten the productive life of a lucerne stand.

GRAMOXONE® 250 (plus atrazine) provides excellent knockdown and residual control of a wide range of grass and broadleaf weeds. Applied to lucerne annually during winter when the crop is dormant, GRAMOXONE® 250 (plus atrazine) can increase lucerne yields by up to 30%, and extend the productive life of a stand by many years.

GRAMOXONE® 250 is a non-residual, fast acting, contact herbicide containing 250 g/litre paraquat in the form of a soluble concentrate. Most grasses and broadleaf weeds are controlled by GRAMOXONE® 250, although some established hard to kill perennial weeds will recover after application. Paraquat is inactivated on contact with the soil. GRAMOXONE® 250 contains a blue dye for identification, and a stenching agent to reduce the risk of accidental ingestion.

Why GRAMOXONE® 250 for weed control in Lucerne?

  • Controls wide spectrum of grass and broadleaf weeds - One treatment covers most situations.
  • Activated by light - Works well in cold winter conditions.
  • Tolerated by established (dormant) lucerne - Removes weeds with minimal damage to lucerne.
  • Increases lucerne yield and nutritional value - Premium payment for better quality feed.
  • Prolongs productive life of lucerne stands - Good return on investment.
  • Rainfast within 30 minutes - Less dependent on weather conditions.
  • 25% more concentrated than some paraquat formulations - More hectares treated per pack and less packaging.

Best use advice for GRAMOXONE® 250 in Lucerne

  • Remove all lucerne growth by hard grazing or close cutting before use.
  • Allow weeds to freshen up before application.
  • Apply 2.4 litres/ha of GRAMOXONE® 250 during lucerne dormancy.
  • Add 1 kg/ha atrazine (90% WG) on stands older than 12 months.
  • Apply only to clean, healthy weed foliage.
  • Avoid spraying when frost is on foliage.
  • Ensure total coverage of weeds.
  • Use only clean water.

For more information on managing weeds in Lucerne, click here to download the latest GRAMOXONE® 250 Technote.