Rob Cox

Rob Cox

Pukekohe - NZ


Timely advice given direct to growers reflects the work done by Rob Cox in his business In-Depth Agronomy.

Rob says his services allow his client base to make good decisions on when to spray, when to fertilise and when to apply water, based on careful monitoring of their farm conditions.

He gleaned much of his experience working with one of New Zealand’s biggest vegetable growers, and has boosted his knowledge by having a strong involvement with industry organisations and research bodies.

He loves to be involved in research and despite the small scale of his company, has embraced trials. Some examples include large plot trials on new onion seed varieties and replicated fertiliser trials which showed reduced phosphate applications were not impacting yield.

His advice considers all aspects of vegetable growing including variety selection, plant spacing and location, as well as nutrient and pest management recommendations.

“Making agricultural chemical and fertiliser recommendations is only one important part of production,” he says.

Rob’s business has won growers quickly, and he has needed to put on an additional staff member to provide service to those growers.

He also contributes to the broader industry by lobbying for the use of chemicals in crops as well as playing an active role in industry bodies.