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Karate Zeon


Authorisation Number: 
ACVM: P3495 | HSNO: HSR000336
Pack size: 
1 litres
5 litres
Activity Group: 
Group 3 Insecticide
Capsule Suspension

KARATE ZEON is an insecticide for insect control in Cereals, Citrus, Grapes, Vegetable and Forage Brassicas, Tomatoes, Beans, Onions, Potatoes, Maize, Sweet corn (seedlings) and White Clover seed crops.



Vegetable Brassicas

White Clover Seed Crops

Re-entry Period

  • DO NOT enter treated area without protective clothing until spray has dried.

Hazard Statements

  • 6.1C
  • 6.3B
  • 6.4A
  • 6.9A
  • 9.1A
  • 9.3B
  • 9.4A

Personal Protective Equipment

  • When mixing or applying, wear protective clothing including overalls, waterproof gloves and footwear.

Tank mixing

Pour the measured quantity of KARATE Zeon into a partly filled tank and agitate the spray mixture while adding the remaining water. Maintain agitation during spraying. If applying KARATE Zeon in mixture, always add the KARATE Zeon last.

Water volume

Apply in sufficient water to ensure thorough and uniform coverage.


1 hour