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New powdery mildew fungicide for export squash

Seguris Flexi

New chemistry for export squash

Squash growers can struggle to control powdery mildew in high pressure situations with existing chemistry.

Seguris® Flexi is a highly effective new SDHI fungicide with both translaminar and local systemic movement, offering exceptional control of powdery mildew for up to 21 days.

The strength of Seguris Flexi against powdery mildew is outstanding, with Seguris Flexi treated crops staying noticeably cleaner and greener for longer than comparison treatments in comparison trials. 

Leaf Comparison
The Seguris Flexi treated leaf (right) is distinctly darker green than the standard treated leaf (left)

MRLs for key export markets

Maximum Residue Levels (MRLs) have now been set to allow the use of Seguris Flexi on pumpkins and winter squash exported to China, EU, Japan, Korea and Taiwan.

Seguris Flexi can be used in a programme twice per season in alternation or in mixture with another approved non-cross resistant fungicide.

A withholding period of 14 days applies for exports to China, EU, Japan, Korea and Taiwan (not for use on crops destined for Hong Kong or USA). 

Application advice

Seguris Flexi can be applied twice in a protectant programme at 14 to 21 day intervals, using 600 mL/ha with the addition of Du-Wett® to enhance coverage. The shorter spray interval should be used under high disease pressure or during rapid plant growth.

Syngenta recommend applying Seguris Flexi using the new angled Defy® 3D nozzle. These nozzles are designed by Syngenta with a 38 degree angle to improve spray coverage in a range of crops with complex canopies including; squash, brassicas, and potatoes.

Defy 3D nozzles can be purchased from Syngenta resellers for $12.95 (plus GST) each, and are available in the following sizes; 03, 035, 04, 05 and 06.

Defy 3D nozzles (and other Syngenta nozzles) are available FREE to growers who purchase qualifying amounts of Seguris Flexi or any Syngenta crop protection product including the following products approved for use in squash; Thiovit Jet®, Karate Zeon®, Bravo Weatherstik®, Pirimor®, and Fusilade Forte®.

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