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Late season codling moth control in pipfruit - with nil residues


PROCLAIM® Opti is a new and enhanced formulation of PROCLAIM, designed for late season control of leafroller and codling moth in pipfruit, with a short nil-residue pre-harvest interval.

The new formulation is approved for codling moth and leafroller control at the same low use rate as standard PROCLAIM, which is approved for leafroller control only. It also has the same 3 to 5 days nil residue pre-harvest interval as standard PROCLAIM (Refer to New Zealand Apples & Pears website for export country PHIs).

Due to its robust efficacy profile and short pre-harvest interval, PROCLAIM Opti offers pipfruit growers an excellent alternative to CmGv (codling moth granulosis virus) for pre-harvest control of codling moth.

The new water dispersible granule (WDG) PROCLAIM Opti formulation is purpose-built for high UV crops, with the active ingredient (AI) emamectin formulated with a photoprotectant coating, which blocks UV radiation from sunlight and delays the onset of degradation.

The unique formulation allows more time for the product to remain active on the plant surface to control codling moth by contact, and increases the foliar uptake of AI for lasting control by ingestion.

PROCLAIM Opti is an advanced water dispersible granule (WDG) containing 50 g/kg emamectin in a pepite formulation. It has superior handling properties and less dust than conventional granules.

When added to the spray tank, PROCLAIM Opti acts like a liquid formulation by going into solution very quickly, ensuring no granules remain undissolved at time of application.

PROCLAIM Opti offers a new mode of action (Group 6) for codling moth control, complementing the early and mid-season use of MAC and Group 28 insecticides (such as VOLIAM TARGO®) in a resistance management programme.

For leafroller and codling moth control in pipfruit, apply 2 grams of PROCLAIM Opti per 100 litres of water as a dilute spray, with the addition of a non-ionic wetting agent at label rates. Apply in sufficient water to ensure thorough coverage to the point of pre-runoff. For concentrate spraying, adjust the dilution rate accordingly. Apply a maximum of 3 sprays at a minimum of 14-day intervals.

The new formulation comes packed in a 600 gram plastic bottle, which can be recycled through Agrecovery.

For a limited period, Syngenta is offering growers a set of digital electronic scales free with PROCLAIM Opti (while stocks last). Ask your horticultural supplier for details.

For more information click here to download the Technote on PROCLAIM Opti for codling moth and leafroller control in pipfruit.