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A breakthrough in powdery mildew control for grapes

Miravis use with grapes

Introducing MIRAVIS®

MIRAVIS® is a new broad spectrum SDHI fungicide containing ADEPIDYN® (ISO common name: pydiflumetofen). It delivers exceptional control of powdery mildew in grapes, offering growers a highly effective new tool in the spray programme.

MIRAVIS is now included in the New Zealand Winegrowers Vineyard Spray Schedule, and can be used by SWNZ members up to (and no later than) pre-capfall (E-L 18).

MIRAVIS is the first SDHI carboxamide fungicide belonging to a new chemical group: (N-methoxy-(phenyl-ethyl)-pyrazole-carboxamide), within the FRAC Group 7 fungicides (SDHI mode of action).

Features and benefits of MIRAVIS in grapes

  • Extremely high potency against powdery mildew.
  • Binds to leaf wax to give rainfast protection.
  • Provides long-lasting control of powdery mildew.
  • Solo SDHI – allows flexibility in tank mixing partner.
  • Easy to use liquid (SC) formulation.
  • Compatible with sulphur (e.g. THIOVIT® JET).
  • Nil residues in wine when used as directed.
  • Proven crop safety in New Zealand and overseas.

Directions for use

MIRAVIS can be applied as part of a regular spray programme for powdery mildew control up to pre-capfall (E-L18). Applying MIRAVIS at the pre-capfall timing provides durable control of powdery mildew into the critical flowering period.

Apply 20 mL of MIRAVIS per 100 litres of water as a dilute spray, at 10 to 14 day intervals. For concentrate spraying, adjust the dilution rate accordingly, ensuring thorough coverage.

Resistance management

MIRAVIS is FRAC Group 7 (SDHI mode of action) fungicide with a medium-high risk of resistance. The following guidelines are recommended to delay the onset of resistance to SDHI fungicides:

  • Do NOT use more than 2 applications of SDHI fungicides per season.
  • Do NOT use consecutive applications of SDHI fungicides.
  • Apply SDHI fungicides in mixture with sulphur (e.g. THIOVIT JET) or another industry approved partner fungicide with a different mode of action.

Crop safety

The crop safety of MIRAVIS has been tested in New Zealand and overseas, with no adverse impacts on grapevines (i.e. return bloom, vigour, yield, foliage or berry damage).

Withholding period and pre-harvest interval

To achieve nil residue in all markets, use a maximum of 2 applications of MIRAVIS up to (and no later than) pre-capfall (E-L 18).

Sheep grazing

A minimum period of 2 months must elapse between removal from the treated vineyard and slaughter for consumption.

Pack size

MIRAVIS is available this season in 1 and 5 litre containers, which can be recycled through Agrecovery.

Click here to download the latest Technote on MIRAVIS in grapes, and to access the Product label, SDS and Haznote.