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New IPM insecticide for forage brassica pests

Minecto Star Forage Brassica Crop

Minecto™ Star is a new combination insecticide from Syngenta, designed to control a broad spectrum of insect pests in forage brassicas, without harming key beneficial insects.

It’s a unique combination of two IPM compatible insecticides – cyantraniliprole (the active ingredient of Exirel®) and pymetrozine (a systemic aphicide).

The combination of these two powerful and selective active ingredients delivers exceptional control of a wide range of insect pests, without killing key beneficial insects (unlike organophosphate and synthetic pyrethroid insecticides such as Lorsban® or Attack®).

Pests controlled by Minecto™ Star

  • Cabbage aphid
  • Diamondback moth
  • White butterfly
  • European leaf miner
  • Soybean looper
  • Nysius

Features and benefits

  • Broad spectrum alternative to OP/SP insecticides
  • IPM compatible
  • Built-in resistance management on aphids
  • Translaminar and systemic movement
  • New (Group 9) mode of action on aphids
  • Environmental and user safety
  • Low use rate (150 g/ha)
  • Excellent crop safety
  • Compatible with commonly used herbicides
  • 28 day withholding period

Application timing

The best time to apply Minecto™ Star is when both caterpillars and aphids are present in the mid to later part of the season, before the build-up of high pest numbers.

You can apply a maximum of 3 sprays of Minecto™ Star at 2 to 3 week intervals as indicated by pest pressure, with no more than 2 consecutive applications.

The crop safety of Minecto™ Star on forage brassicas has been tested in mixture with some commonly used herbicides.  No significant phytotoxicity was observed on any cultivar in any assessment.

When it comes to controlling insect pests, it’s important to monitor crops regularly and apply an appropriate insecticide, such as Minecto™ Star, when insects or damage first appear, before the build-up of high pest numbers.

Click here to download more information on Minecto™ Star including efficacy results, compatibility and crop safety information.